Entonces llega la noche, no hay tiempo para reproches, yo no me pierdo esta noche, la vida se empieza a celebrar!


The time is up, the essence... the essences of you, I have never known someone who does things like you do... You take the time to laugh it up you call things as they are
You are my, you are my, tiny shiny star
Take me away, to place where i become, become
One, two, three, four, five
I feel so alive
One, two, three, four five
I feel so, i feel so alive
One is for the number of days it took for me to fall
Two is when i knew you were one to play along
Three we started see how deep we could be if we were to trust that?
Four our love could handle anything that came to us and that?
Five in the morning we stop, we listen, we talk, we kiss and we stare can't believe we're
Time is up the essence the essences of you 


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